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Roku-Roku Precision 铣 Equipment

bt365体育娱乐 is the exclusive North American distributor for sales and service of Roku-Roku precision milling equipment, including five-axis, 高速, graphite manufacturing and linear drive machines.

bt365体育娱乐 and Roku-Roku have developed special automated solutions to increase throughput for 电火花 electrode manufacturing. 事实上, Mitsubishi 电火花 and Roku-Roku 高速 milling machines are in more automated installations than any other manufacturer.

From modular cells to fully automated storage and inventory systems, these 高速 automation systems will allow you to run back-to-back jobs with minimal operator input, increasing productivity, efficiency and profitability.




Five-axis machining is ideal for highly complex cutting on hard-to-reach surfaces. We have a superior lineup of some of the most advanced and accurate equipment in the world.

The Roku-Roku five-axis machines have the precision, speed and durability to handle the most difficult jobs. And adding automation to any of our five-axis products will increase productivity, efficiency and your bottom line.


At bt365体育娱乐 Systems, we only offer the highest quality 高速 three- and five-axis machining centers. Our team of engineers can tackle the most challenging applications to maximize your profitability and productivity.

宙斯- 86


铣 自动化

When a project requires micro-fine detail work that can stand up to any working environment, you need a machine that can deliver precision and accuracy.

Enter the Roku-Roku Android and Vision series of linear-drive milling machines–the ideal solution for 高速, micro-fine production.

These machines are inspected to the highest standards with:

  • 激光-compensation inspections on all axes

  • Dynamic spindle balancing to calibrate spindle displacement, speed and acceleration

  • Circularity and geometrical accuracy calibration to ensure precise 3D movement

  • Painstaking precision alignment